Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For those of us sheltered souls that have never been in the presence of a cruise ship....WOWZA! It is completely overwhelming! Isn't it against the very laws of nature that this thing can float?! These were the things running through my head as I walked toward the ship. Then I boarded it. Because seriously...we were about to have the time of our lives and if someone said it would float, I was going to believe them!

This is a picture of our ship from the beach of the Princess Cays. We had to be brought in by the "life boats" because there isn't a spot deep enough any closer to the island.

18 levels of PARTY! :)

Waiting for the Elevators so we could head to dinner!

With so many pools, theatres, hot tubs, game rooms, etc. Where does my hubby want to go at his first opportunity? He wanted to find the Library! Oh my! I know, I married a total party animal! :)

This section of the ship always blew my mind. I mean....this is a boat! And yet, while you are on it (minus the slight swaying back and forth) it looks like an amazingly beautiful hotel!

We have 15 people with us on this cruise. Some of us with balcony rooms, some not. Ry and I did not have one. We LOVED our cave! I mean you could sleep until noon and you would never know! We did appreciate those members of our family that didn't mind us chillin on their balcony. What a beautiful view! Plus, hangin with Calvy and Jana on the balcony...THE BEST combo! :)

16 levels up....made me a bit dizzy to look straight down at all that water.

But this...I could look at it all day! Look how blue that is! That is what it really looks like clear out in the ocean. Beautiful! I thought I would freak out a little when there was not a speck of land in sight. I actually loved it SO much! I love the ocean! I don't think there is another creation on this earth that can put me in awe of the creation as much as the ocean does. It's like a whole other world on our own. Under that blue water there are millions of fish, all with a purpose, all created for something. AMAZING!

Speaking of amazing....

The last day of the cruise I spent every second I could outside. I had to soak in every last drop of sunlight that I possibly could. It's a LONG cold winter in our neck of the woods! I loved lounging on the deck watching movies.

That is the best part about the cruise. Not one thing that you have to do. Just a whole lotta of what do you WANT to do and people walking around asking if they can get you anything. I liked that! :)

Plus, from up here I could keep my eyes on the ocean, WHILE lounging. Oh I miss that!

Tomorrow....our first stop, Princess Cays!


Lombardo Family said...

Oh so pretty! However, the ocean freaks me out completely! I want to go on a cruise someday, but I do have this fear of no land, all water, things below that should stay there and never be seen, atleast not by me. Poor Aaron loves the ocean like you and his wife is no partier in the water.

Brian and Kayla said...

Wow! I've always wondered what a cruise ship looked like.


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