Wednesday, November 24, 2010


...and dreams into plans.

I guess that's what I'm all about! Hello, my name is Courtney and I'm blogging-in for Amy today! I'm here to get your creative juices flowing!
I blog over at Vintage Ginger Peaches, a blog I share with my 2 sisters (and soon we hope to have another few contributers, so stay tuned). Our "thing" over there is trying to inspire people to be creative... to DO something... to TRY something... we think that everyone has creativity inside them and it takes experimentation to find out what your THING is.

And it's important to have a creative outlet, don't you think? Between the 3 of us, we've done a lot of stuff and we share our knowledge, or misadventures, with you!
Recently, we sewed, styled, photographed, and photoshopped our way through Halloween:
 As soon as we saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, we knew...

 ...what our next big project would be. We've been out of control for Halloween before :)
 You can see past years, as well as more of this year on our costuming page.
 If you're a fan of Wicked (the musical), you'll for sure want to head over!
How about a few more randoms about what's going on in my head right now? Let's face it, I do a fair amount of flitting around!
Something I'm working at right now:

But I can't really tell you why yet :)
I just got the concept for my Christmas card in my head and I'm way excited about it! It will include some shots of these four cuties...

As well as...

My sweet new baby :) I tried to convince my husband to name him Ender, but no deal :) He's the only one currently awake as I write this... I keep tickling his belly to keep him awake a little longer so he'll sleep good tonight!
Also, my 10 year old daughter just begged me to sew some sequins on her socks for church tomorrow, so you know that's going to be hot :) But hello time consuming... not... looking... forward... to that.
Anyway! That's a little about us in a nutshell... hope I can help you get your creativity on!

PS--Thank you Amy for letting me play here today :)

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