Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ms. Fashionista On A Dime

OH MY! Call me slow, but I just discovered the true joy of thrift/second hand shopping!

Mallory was in need of clothes. Big time. A friend of mine directed me to a place called "Once Upon A Child" in Twin Falls, ID.

The idea, bring in your gently used clothes and they will buy them off of you. Cash or store credit. They in turn sale those clothes for WAY cheap!

I know there are places like this all over the place. I remember Kid to Kid being a big one in Utah. Some stores a super picky about the clothes they will sale and others not as much. However, you are BOUND to come up with some serious finds for a very small amount.

Wanna see a few things I picked up?

(you will have to pardon the VERY poor quality of the pics below. RV lighting...not really ideal!)

I did splurge a bit on the boots...although I ended up taking them back. The boots were $25 at Target. Within a couple of days the covering was peeling like crazy! Maybe, for Mal, we will look elsewhere for shoes.

The sweater above is Gymboree. Never been used. I bought it for $4.50.
The skirt, the same. Gymboree, never used. Also $4.50.

So cute, I couldn't stand it! :)

She liked it too!

Check out that "High Fashion" shot! Well, that or "Please stop taking pictures Mom!"

This cute little dress was in nearly new condition and I stole it for $3! LOVE THAT!

I LOVE this sweater on this little stinker!

Look how long that is!

Sweater: $3.50
Turtleneck underneath: $1.50

We also snagged this great sweater. I am not sure if it has ever been worn by anyone else, but I absolutely loved it on Mal. Warm and cozy! And only $4!

I picked up 4 church shirts for Jake. Not one of them over $4. I also snagged him a John Deere shirt, just to remind him of our WAY TOO MUCH FUN night out before school started this year!

Needless to say, I am converted! Between shopping the second hand stores for the perfect item and Old Navy's clearance racks, where I just picked up the cutest shirt for Mally for just $2.47, I can do a whole lot more shopping for kids clothes for a WHOLE lot less! Plus there is something so satisfying about saving a whole load of money, isn't there?!

Do you have a favorite thrift/second hand store in your area?
GO HERE to post the store name and the area! That way the other readers that live in your area can find the deals too! :)


Gear Gang said...

Now I am craving Kid to Kid.

I have bought my kids favorites from Kid to Kid.

gotta love it

Ann T. said...

Kid to Kid has been a favorite of ours for years. They have several stores here in Utah.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

I have a friend who used to have an online thrift store... she's closing it up though, so this week, I got 2 huge (large trash bag size) bags of clothes for $25. All new-- Gymboree & Gap :) That is my score of the year.


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