Monday, August 16, 2010

Park Hopping

School is coming. How do we know it is...I mean besides the obvious on the calendar?

If your house is anything like mine, it means that the kids are getting a little testier with each other. There is a bit more arguing and a bit more pulling my hair out desperation for some sort of routine.

So, how to get through these last weeks?!

My friend Courtney taught me about PARK HOPPING a few years ago. It is such a huge hit!

Here are the rules.....

Map out some parks you would like to hit in your area.
Remember the grade schools. They are always fun and often overlooked.

Now make your route.
Usually I will hit 4-5 parks. I almost always end with a Splash Park or swimming pool. You could also end at home with sprinklers, lunch and popsicles. Whatever you want!

Pull up at the first park.
Use your most excited know, to help build the excitement of it all. Tell the kids to run and play, but listen for the horn. When they hear the horn they must run as fast as they can back to the car so you can race to the next park.

Give them about 15 min.
You don't want to let it get long enough that they get bored or start to find things to fight about! :)

Honk your car horn.
Ooo, I am going to think about getting myself an air horn! I have always wanted one! They make me laugh!

Watch the kids run.
I love this part!

Keep the excitement going for them.
While they are playing you can enjoy a good book or play with them. Whatever you want.

Everyonce in a while I mix things up by throwing out a theme.
"Alright kids, this is a 'hide-n-seek' park" or unload a box of water balloons. Whatever you want.
Change it up, if you think they need it.

Take your time at the last stop.
This is where we relax, eat lunch and get soaking wet! The kids are hot and usually always ready for some water fun!

Invite Friends.
It is fun to let your kids grab a friend or two to bring a long or make a group by inviting other Moms in your area to join in the fun!

This is a super fun activity and always gets a lot of energy out! The best part is that you are changing the scene so quickly they don't have time to find anything to argue about!

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Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

We love park hopping... my mom is the mastermind behind it! Also though, you have to make sure the kids are old enough and you can see them from the car-- we usually went to some pretty deserted parks! But it's fun to get off the beaten path!


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