Thursday, August 26, 2010

BK2HK: Day 2 "Thoughtful Thursday"

thought·ful [thawt-fuhl]
showing consideration for others; considerate.

Ways to show you care.....

  • Send a card
  • Write a letter
  • Deliver Flowers
  • Make Cookies
  • Take a friend out for dinner/movie

So many ways! What will you do?


Anonymous said...

It isn't much - but I let the man with only one item step ahead of me in line at the grocery store.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...


I think that is what I am learning from this whole thing. It really is the little things that make a big difference! Just looking out for ways to be kind to others changes the way we see them. You know what I mean?!

Thanks so much for sharing!


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