Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BK2HK: Day 1 "Willing to Lend A Helping Hand"

The day began with the best of intentions. Really it did! Jake played a big role in planning it. Relatives are out of town. She just had a baby. Let's go to their house and do all of their yard work for them so they come home to a nice clean and weed free yard. 


That was all good and great. We were excited. Right up until we remembered this morning that I am still post-tonsil removal and doing worse now than the day after surgery. I am struggling to keep what little food I am allowed from coming back up and trying desperately to keep my head from spinning or exploding.

So, I will send my dear hubby. He who waits on my every desire for this last week. He is so good to me. I will lend HIS hands.

Then he woke this morning with a horrible cold that has been creeping up for the last few days.

I was stressed. Until I remembered that we can do those things later. I went to work thinking what we can do today.

Well, we did our best with what we had to work with. Which is not a whole lot.

Ryan is lending his hands to my every need. He makes my food. Makes sure I don't do more than I should. Cleans. Does dishes. Does laundry. Drives me to my Dr. appt without complaining about having to wrangle two hot little children in the waiting room for an hour and a half (more on that in a minute). He flips the car around when I say, "Ooo, I just thought of something that sounds good" to head back to the store of my choice because he knows I eat about 50 calories per day and nothing EVER sounds good, so if I want it, I am getting it. Then he doesn't complain when after all that the purchased item doesn't in fact taste good at all, just like everything else I try. He gets kids dressed. Feeds them. Entertains them. Downloads games for them. Stops them from killing each other. Cuddles with them. Loves them. Asks them what he can do for them when he sees them coming to get me for something. Helps Jake and his new friend Jake rig a longer line on a dump truck they are dragging behind their bikes around the RV park. All this while feeling like CRUDOLA! I would say he has done his share today!

Mallory has grown up immensely over the last week. Ryan says it is because he makes her do things for herself. I have learned I do WAY too much for the child...well, both childs, if we are being picky. Mallory cuddles with me to get warm. Gives me loves. Gets things for herself. Plays for hours on end with her dolls, puzzles, Little People, etc. To lend her sweet little hands in helping Dad help Mom.

Jake is also doing everything he can to help keep their room clean, be good, be helpful, be kind and give PLENTY of smooches and cuddles to his Mom to help her feel better and mind Dad extra well and play with Mallory to help Dad help Mom.

Me....well, I am an invalid as of late. Or so it feels. My contribution to kindness today, involved that hour and a half doctors office visit. The appointments usually take 10 min. However the patient scheduled after me came in just before me. So, he went back. Some sort of complications arose. It took MUCH longer than it normally would have and I waited. My lending a hand today was what I could give today. I chose to be a good patient and BE patient. The alternative was being annoyed about being miserable, nauseous & dizzy in a Drs. chair for an hour and half. But really, what good does being annoyed ever do? REALLY?
My contribution wasn't much but I hope that it helped a stressful situation for my Dr & his nurse a little easier. I really like them both. I would have felt bad making it worse on them.

I learned today that Kindness is a choice we make. When we make the choice to be kind it affects our attitudes and the way we handle situations!

What have you done? I would love to hear about your ideas for Lending a Hand. Plus, it might help spark an idea to those who haven't done anything yet! Any ideas?

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