Monday, July 26, 2010

Re-Organizing the Organized

So, now that you have taken the tour of our living arrangements during our little adventure I must tell you what is likely obvious.

In such a small space I MUST organize everything. EVERYTHING. Just so I don't go insane and drown in clutter!

So, lets head to my kitchen. It is small. There is a lot to organize in a small space. I realized that I needed to make a 30 day menu. The one I planned, I didn't love. I found that the summer requires a LOT less cooking and a LOT more sandwiches, quick and easy, lighter type stuff. I asked for ideas. You delivered. Now I am in the middle of re-vamping said menu! When it is done, I will share it with you!
For now, let me share the love on spices.......

I bought this lovely little spice rack at Costco a few years ago. Sure I used it. Well, like 4 or 5 of the spices. The others, well, WHO NEEDS 1 WHOLE THING OF MARJORAM, LET ALONE 2! Yes it came with 2. Weird. I've never used it. Have you? For what? Am I in the dark here?

Anyway, I took a perfectly organized spice rack and made it my own.
My dear friend MyR helped me shine the labels off the lids. Then I measured, poured and labeled. I knew I needed 4 tsp of salt per month. Each bottle holds 14 tsp. So I know I have almost a 4 month supply. I went through each doing the same. All the while taking inventory of what I was putting in storage! When I want to refill I can drive over to our little storage unit, pull out the kitchen box, refill and VIOLA. Set for another few months!

It takes time, this whole method, but I thought it was so worth it! I kept thinking about the money I was saving by doing this! I would have gone out and bought about 20 big containers of salt for my year supply. Little did I know, I only needed about 48 tsp, plus a little extra for whatever comes up!
Now, I have a very personalized spice rack and I LOVE it!
Plus it's pretty....dontcha think?! :)

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