Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Favorite Little Hair Do To Save Ones Summer Sanity!

Anytime I find a way to simplify something I am ALL OVER IT!

This last year I got Mallory's haircut, which was quite a funny story actually, I thought it would make life easier, and it did. A bit. That was until I decided it would be easier to pull her hair back in a ponytail and call it done!

So, I came up with this little number.....

What a great way to keep her hair out of her face and with a little patting of shampoo over the elastics, while I give her a bath, this hairdo stayed in perfectly for a week! YA GOTTA LOVE THAT!

Quick Tutorial:

  • Make a small square in the hair (use nose to help you center). Secure tightly with a small plastic elastic.

  • Using the back of the square part hair from right side of head to the left. Pull back into a ponytail to keep it out of your way.

  • Continue to part hair, making squares and securing into small pony tails.

  • Let hair out of back ponytail once the square are completed in the first row.

  • Starting the second row, make a part using the front row elastic as the center mark. Make a square.

  • When you secure this ponytail section the ponytails in the front row into two. Bring one section from squares on either side of the square back to the new, 2nd row square, secure all together with an elastic. (see pictures above)

  • Using the back of the second row, again part hair running from left to right side of head and pull remaining hair out of the way.

  • Finish your second row doing the same thing you did with the first square. When you get to the sides, you may only have one ponytail to pull into the last square. That is ok. Do what works.

  • Start the third row the same by lining up the row with either the parts from the front row or using the elastic in the second row as your center.
I did only 3 rows on Mallory's hair, but when it was longer I would do her whole head and pull it back into a ponytail, like this......

I did these square A LOT smaller! We were at Disney and Seaworld for 10 days and I wanted it to last....which is did! In fact, I think this is day 7 of the hairdo. She swam almost every night and took her normals baths. The only downfall was the sunscreen I sprayed on her head to keep the parts protected. It ate through the elastics. Next time I am totally buying the stick sunscreen for parts and leaving the spray for the rest of her! As it was, not having to do anything with her hair for 10 days was dreamy! :)

By the way, this is GREAT for really thin fine hair AND really thick hair! I have done it on both! Even babies! Totally fun! Mix it up with fun colored elastics or just go clear or black! Whatever! Do yourself a favor. Use a small pair of scissors to cut the elastics out when you are done. MUCH easier on you and your little one!

Give yourself a bit of time when you first try this hair do. When I do Mally's like this, I am down to about 20-30 depending on the square size. Sometimes longer. Sometimes less.

Enjoy! If you have any questions please let me know!

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cindy said...

What a fun hairdo for a darling little gal. I will have Candise try it out on Cherstens girls. Max gets home in 3 weeks and all the kids will be here (but too pregnant Jill). Can't wait.


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