Sunday, June 27, 2010

Floor to Ceiling Clean: Living/Family Room

Alright, of course you want to start with a general pick up. It is always easier to really deep clean if you start with a clean slate!

This should be VERY thorough! I am talking the back of the TV, under the TV, on top of furniture, shelves and all of the goodies on the shelves. Use glass cleaner to give the TV a good buff (and all the other glass in the room, while you are at it).

Oh yes! This is where the elbow grease really pays off. Get a nice furniture polish. I use, of course, a Don Aslett polish that I LOVE. Put a small amount on a rag and polish all of your wood from top to bottom. Not only does this make it look fabulous, it is an amazing way to cut down on dust! Try it! You will love it!

Now wait! Why should the couch gets it's very own section?! Well, because it deserves it! Is there another piece of furniture in the room more used and abused?!

  1. Remove all removable cushions and do a thorough vacuuming on both the cushions and the cushionless couch.
  2. Now this is where we go nuts! Call a carpet cleaner to come and help you with this, or to save a load of money, run to your local Albertsons and rent a cleaning machine yourself. Thoroughly clean all the of cushions and pillows on the couch! I know, this is a little nuts right?! However, it needs to be done and what better time! You will be glad you did it!
  3. When the cushions are dry, replace and move couches to vacuum underneath, dust and wash the walls behind.
  4. Replace when finished! LOVELY!

By now you know the drill. Spray, then mop. Spray, then wipe. Magic Erase and touch up paint and dings! EASY!

Wipe out the sills and squeegee the windows. By now you are a pro and this is really not taking too much time! Don't skip this part! It really makes all the difference!

If you have wood floors, give them a really good scrub down. If you have carpet, well PERFECT! You have a carpet cleaner now, so put it to use!

While you are cleaning and picking up, remember that less is more and to give everything a place. THAT IS KEY! If you give everything it's own spot then you will not have any troubles with everyone putting things where they go during  clean up! AND NO MORE CLUTTER!

Follow the simple rule of "If you don't know if you need it, box it up. In a few months, if you haven't touched the box, TOSS IT!" When you hold on to things for "Someday we might want to.." 's You will end up with a lot of clutter quick!

How is it coming! I have LOVED all of the emails I have got about this! I love hearing about your progress! Keep them coming! Email, comments, whatever! I LOVE hearing from readers!

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Norris Fam said...

You really honestly and truly inspire me. However, I am a little afraid of what I might find in my couch :)!


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