Saturday, April 10, 2010

Until It "Sings"

I had a bit of an epiphany, if you will, this last summer. GUESS WHAT....I'M CREATIVE! Huh! Who woulda thunk?!

Turns out my Mom believes I always have been. I think that is what really motivated me to do something about it. See, what else was I supposed to do with myself while hubby and oldest boy were on a backpacking trip for over a week?! I decided that I was about to go buck wild on every project I had once thought I might just do "ONE DAY".

So, I learned something quite important that week! Something that I tried out on my sister Lisa. AND IT WORKED! So now I am going to pass on to you!

EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! YOU ARE! Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE!

See, I never really thought I was, I mean I knew what I thought looked good, but I couldn't ever get anything to look the way I wanted it. When I would think, "I guess that LOOKS alright". I would stop. Then it just wasn't something that I LOVED.

It wasn't that I lacked creativity, it was more a matter of the fact that I didn't TRUST myself! You have to TRUST yourself and let go of the fear of failing or over doing something and work with it until it SINGS TO YOU! MAKE IT SING!

Oh, It'll SING! You just wait! You look at it, it looks back at you and you know that you would pay just about anything to buy what you just created if you saw it in the store! Then a sort of giddy-pride wells up within you and you feel much like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away when he made fire....You know, where he just wanted to shout to the world that HE made fire! It's the same kind of feeling, at least it is for those of us that are shocked by our own abilities sometimes! :)

Don't be worried about what others think looks good and what they think won't look good. Just do what YOU think looks good and don't worry about the rest!

So, Lisa called me that particular weekend, while I was in the middle of my CRAZY productivity and said, "If I send you an email of a picture of something I am working on will you tell me what you think looks best?"

"No", I replied (rude right?!)
"Lisa, you are creative! I know you are! Do you like the way it looks right now? Is it SINGING to you?"

I am sure she thought I had lost my mind. What the heck does that mean...I am sure she thought.
I told her just to trust herself. Work it over until she is completely happy. Don't be afraid to totally mess it up and have to start over. And so she did just that.

A few hours later she sent me a picture of the finished product! She was giddy! She would have bought it in the store had she seen it there, but she didn't see it there....SHE CREATED IT! It SANG to her! It made her feel happy!

Please don't get me wrong, I simply wouldn't be NEARLY as inspired to be creative if I lacked a certain  Michelle A.  in my life, but that is the great thing! When you have people that make you PUSH your bounds of creativity out a bit further you get MORE creative! As long as they are pushing boundries that exist out of's ALL GOOD! None of this never trying because you are sure you can't do it!

And, if you don't want to take MY word for it, I am going to leave you with one of my favorite messages of all time!

Then next week, I am going to show you a few of the projects I completed that lovely week of creativity! Oh, what fun!! A teaser! :) Are you waiting on pins and needles?!

Now, onto a few minutes of something that will make your heart happy......

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Brian and Kayla said...

Thanks Amy. I really enjoyed that video and your story. I think you were talking about the goal board Lees made right? I miss you and your family. I hope we get to see you soon.


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