Tuesday, April 27, 2010


By: Amy Lindstrom

This is my beautiful friend Devyn (and her hubby Matt). I love her so very much! I met her when we both worked at Subway 14 years ago. We very quickly became friends. We had so much fun together. Laughing like crazy!

Then, I got married and moved to manage another Subway store and we lost track of each other. That is until the wonderful miracles of Facebook brought us back together! :) It has been so much fun to reunite with her. To re-meet each other as OLD MARRIED WOMEN! :)

Everytime I read Dev's blog I feel inspired to be a more fun Mom and a more loving wife. She has 5 beautiful HAPPY children and I am certain there isn't a happier woman than her, over the fortune of being a mother! I love that about her.

Recently Devyn has suffered a lot of heartache over the loss of her second still born baby.

Emma, her first, was lost at about 28 weeks gestation. That is one week older than my twins were when they were born. Just recently she lost a second, also quite far along in pregnancy....A SECOND! The pain of losing one is enough, but oh the valiant heart one must have to endure it twice!

With the loss of her second she nearly lost her own life. This is what she wrote of that moment.....

"I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and that I couldn't say anything. [as doctors desperately called for more blood and a crash cart for resuscitation] I lay there thinking "this isn't it, is it?" This can't be it, I have to make sure my kids get another hug and know just how I think they are the most special little people to ever live. And I have never been shy about my feelings of adoration for Matt, but that is because I am still looking for the words that are even adequate. I am not done searching for those words that get it just right, I need more time to make sure he really knows how I love him and how he makes me feel!"

I LOVED that last part! Perfectly said! There is something about her connection with her hubby! You can FEEL it when you read her blog. I have never met him, but I am grateful to know that my friend found someone that completely cherishes her.

Then there is her faith. It is enough to make anyone dig deeper for the same peace during such heartache and adversity.

"It has just been such an intense week. I still just can't believe that our little Vince will not get to be a part of our family here on earth. I just had such clear images of that little guy and how he would fit into our family. But what a great thing to think that we have another little valiant Spirit waiting for us in Heaven. It is amazing that the Lord finds a way through our grief and sorrow to make us feel more loved than ever. Our family is strengthened by this and the love we have felt is just unbelievable. This has been a very wonderful and uplifting week, even though it has been sad. Thanks to all of you have shown us so much love! We love all of you so much and may I just say...this life is SO good and we are SO very blessed!"

Devyn's passion for motherhood helps me to realize the blessing of such an opportunity. It reminds me that IT IS the most important thing we will ever do in this lifetime and gives me courage to be better. This is what Devyn said about her desire to have more children.....

"I am addicted to that feeling! Not so much the pregnancy part, but bringing new life into the world, adding another spirit to your family, watching as your children reunite with this precious little soul and these bonds of love reconnect...it is magical to me, bliss! I just think it is the greatest thing in the world and the whole reason we are even here...FAMILY! All these different relationships we have going on in our family, it is just wonderful! I am certainly not saying that everyone in the world should have a big family, but for me it is the best!"

{Devyn & Matt with their children: Bailey, Gus, Taite, Cy & Ellery}

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