Tuesday, April 6, 2010


by: Maryon Wallentine

My sister Cami is one of the most amazing people I know. She is just a happy person and is so good at finding humor in life. She has a way of helping people to laugh at their mistakes and want to be better. She tries to help anyone she can, even if it means inconveniencing herself. I know I can always count on her for anything. She truly is a special sister!

Even though Cami is single and has no children she helps me to be a better mom. She is amazing with children! She is able to discipline a child (or even teenager) while still making them feel loved and special. She is able to turn the most mundane thing into a learning situation and helps them to gain a desire to make right choices. She is loved by all the Young Women she serves in her ward and the neighborhood kids flock to her house to play. My kids and my nephews LOVE to play at Cami’s house. Who am I kidding…I LOVE to play at her house! I know when my kids are with her that they will not only be loved and have a great time; they will also learn and be expected to behave.

Cami has a talent of loving and inspiring people individually. Because I can I only tell you how she inspires me I figured I would ask a few others as well.

“Cami always LOOKS happy, even if she's not really. She's good at making other people see the bright side of things when we don't think there is one.”
– Jeanie, sister

“Wow where do I begin, Cami is a person you can just go to with a problem or whatever and she will tell you exactly what to do and she doesn't even have to think about it! It is like she knew you were coming to her with that problem or something!!! She inspires, cares, listens, willing, a life line, fun, and amazing!”
- Shannon, friend

“Cami is always a breath of fresh air! She has supported me in happy and hard times. She gives 100% of her heart without thinking of her own wishes and desires. She calls things how she sees them and that's a blessing since she sees things as the Lord sees them. She chooses to see the good in life and helps others find the good. She's a BUILDER!”
- Erin, friend

“There's no one else in the whole wide world like Cami DeWitt. Cami is one of the absolute FUNNIEST people Heavenly Father ever made. She has an incredible ability to relate to everyone and put anyone at ease. Cami is an incredible role model for teenage girls and is a wonderful Young Women's leader. Although she is not a parent, Cami is a better 'parent' than most folks with children. As a matter of fact, parents often ask Cami for parenting advice! :) She's smart, funny, talented, independent, strong, inspiring, loving and such a wonderful blessing in the lives of all those lucky enough to know her. Cami's the BEST!!!”
- Janell, sister

“I am so grateful for Cami in our lives. I love that anytime my kids spend 5 or more minutes with her they have laughed, learned and return MUCH better behaved. I don't know how she does it, but it's true! She has a special talent of communication and being able to step back, think about what to say and get it all out in a convincing way. She's just great. Everyone needs a Cami in their lives and we are privileged enough to have THE Cami in our lives!”
- Tawni, sister-in-law

I think Tawni summed it up well. We really are so privileged to have THE Cami in our lives! Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to know her.

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jeaniebug said...

She is AWESOME!!! shh shh Cami, don't cry :)

Erin said...

I'm so glad the rest of you put in writing what I couldn't. I loved reading all of the comments. To THE Cami-I love you!

Cami D. said...

I DID CRY, I am CRYING (I hate crying!)! You guys are THE BEST thank you thank you for your kind words but even more for your wonderful friendships! YOU guys are the reason I can keep going when I feel like I have nothing left in me! Thank you for building me up when I need it and even when I don't. How lucky am I to have you all? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you!

Beth/Grandma D. said...

What an amazing person!!! It is awesome to be parents of such a great person!


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