Sunday, November 11, 2012

"He Will Die On His Feet Before He Will Live On His Knees"

This last Wednesday we helped the youth put on a super fun Grandparents Dinner, for all of the people over 55 years old in our ward. A member of our bishopric shared a video similar to this one, same narration, some different pictures. I have never watched anything that stirred my heart with so much patriotism.

Today is Veterans Day. I am afraid this is a day that goes by largely unnoticed in a lot of our lives. I hope this video inspires us all to really consider the sacrifices our military, each member individually, have made to make this country what it is! We are a blessed people, and it hasn't come without a price!

I love this great country! I hope this video inspires us all to remember just how blessed we are to have the freedoms we have! Next time we have the opportunity to place our hands over our heart and pledge allegiance to our flag, or sing our national anthem, I hope we remember the people in Fort Henry, their sacrifice and the sacrifice of every single person who has or does serve us in the military, with more gratitude in our hearts!

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