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FHE: The Scriptures Testify of Jesus Christ

And I thought I was good at creating object lessons for FHE. Man did my hubby ever show me just how brilliant he is with this one! I love love love it! So powerful! 

The object of the lesson is to teach the importance of ALL of the scriptures. Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants & Pearl of Great Price. Each one adds upon the other, teaching about Jesus Christ, so that we can truly know him and love him. 

(2) 2x4 boards (or whatever you have that will work)
(5) Long sturdy Nails

First, I must apologize for the blinding pictures! Apparently I didn't catch that my camera was on some funky setting, that I really should learn more about. I tried to darken them as much as possible. Hopefully that helped! 

Ryan wrote "Jesus Christ Is:" and then "Bible" in the center of the board. There is a nail representing the bible. This needs to be placed in the center of the top board and hammered through the top and into the bottom board. The bottom board has things written on them, somethings we know are true, others not. "Nice Guy", "Good Friend", "Prophet", "Just a Spirit", "Quick to Anger", "Good Example", "Body-less", "Not a believer in baptism for the dead". 

There are also some half words on there. I will tell you about them in a moment. 

He talked to the kids about the importance of the Bible and how it is an account of the prophecies from before Christs life and then the actual account of his life, along with the organization of his church while he was on the earth. 

Some of the things on the board represent the things that people may believe about him, based on only having the Bible to understand Christ's doctrine and characteristics. 

With only one nail in the boards they move back and forth showing how with just one nail, or source, there are a lot of ways people could change or misinterpret these things. 

He lined up the boards, so they were just off center. 

He asked the kids 
"What is something else we have that teaches us about Jesus Christ". 

This is when a nail was placed, representing the Book of Mormon. The kids helped him hammer this one in. 

Ryan had written, "Savior" "Brother". Part was on the bottom board and part was on the side of the top board. He had also written, "Son of God" on the other corner. He showed the kids that with the Bible we learned that he was these things and with the Book of Mormon, these things are also confirmed. The boards are no longer able to swing and move around. 

With both Books truths are established and confirmed. 

I just love love love this picture! Look how into this lesson my cute kiddos are! They are drinking in every word! I love any opportunity to teach them and allow them the opportunity to develop their own testimonies of the truth of the lesson! 

Jake labeled the "Book of Mormon" nail for us. Then we started to discuss other forms of scripture the Lord has given to us. 

Modern day scripture. Proof that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that same gospel that he set up in the New Testament, with authority from God exists on the earth again today. We have a modern day prophet and God still speaks to His children through them! How great is that?! 

Yet another nail to secure our knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ. Mallory labeled this one "DandC", or Doctrine and Covenants

The "Pearl of Great Price" came next. Accounts from the great prophets Moses & Abraham. An addition to the great books found in the Old Testament! 

And then we threw in a 5th nail to represent "Prophets and Apostles". They speak to us each month through the Ensign, New Era & Friend magazines. Twice a year we get to participate in General Conference, where we receive further instruction and encouragement on how to live a more Christlike life. 

After all the nails were in Ryan flipped the boards over to reveal words written in the corners of the top and bottom boards. "Alive Today"

Because of the scriptures we can know that Christ truly lives! He lived as an example and set the perfect pattern for our lives. He suffered in Gethsemane for our sins and experienced our sorrows, so that he would know how to succor us in our trials. He died for us on the cross, paying the price required for the great gift of repentance. And then he was resurrected, and lives with God, our Heavenly Father, in the flesh. Because of this resurrection, we all will be resurrected! We all have the opportunity to be sealed to our families so that we can live forever with our families, in His presence. 

"Has A True Church" is written on the other corner. 

In the Bible we are taught about the organization of Christ's church on the earth. Then we are taught about the great apostasy that took place after he was killed. The prophets were killed and the church was taken from the earth. 

In the Book of Mormon we read further about the organization of Christ's church, when after he was resurrected he came to his people in the America's and organized his church here, with Prophets and Apostles, just as it was in Jerusalem. 

In the Doctrine & Covenants we witness the organization of His church once again on the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We can read his account of that sacred day that he was visited by God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. There is no question in my mind that this event took place, and that we now have the Church of Jesus Christ back on the earth, with direct authority from God and the keys to fulfill all blessings available to all of God's children on the earth, blessings that are bound for all Eternity, if we choose to live worthy of the blessings of the great Atonement! 

Joseph Smith was a prophet, just as Moses and Abraham were prophets! Christ's church is once again on the Earth, and it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I could no sooner deny the truth of those two statements, than I could deny that there is a hand at the end of my arm! Denying does not change the truthfulness of the situation, it only denies us the privileges that are ours if we believe, do our best and put our faith and trust in the Atonement and in God's plan. 

This lesson further strengthened my testimony in the value of scripture. All of them. We love the Bible. We treasure it. And we also treasure the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine in Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price & our modern day prophets and apostles. It is the combination of these things that leaves us without doubt that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the World, our only way back to our Father, our Redeemer, our Brother, our Friend and our Advocate! 

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Christa from Controlling Craziness said...

Awesome idea. What a great visual for the kids. I am going to have to try this. My 9 yr old son would love to hammer something during FHE - I think this would keep his attention too. Thanks for sharing!


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