Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking Back

Last week Jake and I were laughing about pictures we found of us when we googled our names. One that I was thrilled to come across was this one...

It lead to the newspaper article that was done about our family. I loved reading it again. This time I was totally struck by the fact that we lost our Dawson just over 2 weeks after it was published. Oh my! It's things like this that just blow my mind. Revisiting myself before I knew what it was like to live without our Dawson. No wonder it was easier to be calm about knowing his life was coming to an end. There was peace, that was for sure, but there was also not knowing the gravity grief brings when your child is gone. I think that is why we have said over and over that before they pass, and you know it is coming, you try to prepare. First you think you are ready, then you think you are ready, then you think you are ready...and then you are not. There is no way to prepare yourself for this.

Anyway, I am SO grateful for this article. It reminded me of things that I needed to be reminded of.

Wanna read it?

Here you go.......

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