Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eternal Perspective & Failing Hearts

Perhaps you have seen this video floating around. Maybe you have already watched it. Maybe you were like me and thought you will watch it when you have a few extra minutes. Now that I have, might I suggest that you either watch it again, or don't put it off any longer.

Before you watch, I want to tell you 3 things:

1: Trials and adversity are not only a part of this life, they are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of it! Through them we learn the true characteristics of God, His love for us, our strength with Him & our purpose, IF we choose to overcome the fear and cling to faith.

2: Wendy Nelson, Elder Nelson's wife, gave a talk at a meeting I was at. She said that if we could only glimpse just 10 seconds of our life before this one, all of our stresses that burden us in this life would simply melt away. I believe that it is not that they would go away, but our ability to put them in proper perspective and manage them efficiently would be increased because we would look at our problems with Eternal Perspective in mind. Eternal Perspective changes EVERYTHING and helps keep us focused on our purpose, eliminates fear and provides the courage to move through anything we may face in this life. No matter how difficult.

3: I know I have told you this before, but it feels appropriate to share again what I heard over and over from Dawson the day after he passed away. This was something he meant for me to tell you. You as in any person that should ever happen upon this blog and see anything about him and his courageous and faith filled life. He said:
   “If you could only see what is waiting for you, you would do everything you could to get here. You would not just simply go through life, you would work as hard as you can to serve the Lord so that when you arrive, you arrive to the same kind of celebration I did!”

And he did! I will never forget the moment his spirit slipped from his broken body. He had finished all he 
wanted to accomplish in this life and he had done more than was required. The celebration was sweet and 
powerful. Those that received him, had watched his sacrifice and mission and now it was time to receive the 

I hope this video inspires you, like it has me, to have more faith and a whole lot less fear. Who knows what tomorrow will bring for anyone of us. Fear is not a productive emotion. It cannot stop things from happening, but faith and Eternal Perspective can help us make it through it! 

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Brian and Kayla said...

I've never seen that but I really enjoyed the message. Thanks.


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