Friday, September 16, 2011


The other day my friend asked some local friends if they knew anyone that did eyebrow threading. I must be seriously behind the times. I honestly pictured some sort of eyebrow extension! Can you imagine?! :) So I did what every other information seeking person would do....I Googled it!

Oh and am I ever glad that I did! Thanks to this little tutorial, I threaded my own eyebrows this morning! I don't think I will every pluck again! THIS ROCKS! I also threaded my upper lip....this is NOT for the faint of heart....which is why only half of mine was done until I forgot the pain and the watery eyes and sneezing.
B R U T A L!!

Apparently it is like waxing, because it pulls the hair all the way down to the follicle and makes it grow back slower and finer. Well shoot! If that is the truth, I am just about as pleased as can be!

Wanna try? Here is the tutorial I watched. I checked out some others. They were quite annoying, to be honest. This girl has two different videos. Here is the one I like most. Oh, and when you try it on yourself, don't get frustrated that it feels a little awkward! It does for a bit, but then you get the hang of it and you want to call all of your sisters and your sisters friends and your sisters friends cats....Ok, maybe not that far, but seriously! You will want to thread everything you can get your hands on! Ok, maybe not, but your eyebrows will thank you for it, anyway.

Here you go!

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Just Us said...

I can't believe you threaded your own eyebrows. I'm impressed!


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