Friday, September 9, 2011

5K 101

Ok, this Summer my uncle introduced me to THE BEST thing! He told me that his daughter wanted him to run a 5K with her. He wasn't a runner. Honestly, if you know my Uncle Todd, you know that he is SUCH an amazing Dad! He really amazes me! So, of course he would sign up!

Just before his first race, he told me that he was finishing his training. I asked him how to do it, since I really wanted to get back into running, but I wanted to be smart about it. I have heard way too many stories about over taxed joints getting injured permanently during running. He told me he was using a program called "Couch to 5K". He said there were a whole bunch of different programs and he totally loves it!

I did a little searching. I listened to a few different programs on iTunes. I chose 5K 101 by Running Mate. I LOVE IT!

When I started training I wanted to be SUPER careful and I knew that if I started small and worked up it would be way more enjoyable for me.

The first week was running like 2 min at a time. Run 2, walk 2...or something like that. Ok, I thought I was going to die! Hahaha! What is it about starting with running?! It totally made me feel wimpy! But the theory behind the program is that you do this 3 times for the first week and it gets easier as you go. Second week running time goes up a little. There was nothing like week 3 when I ran the "run" time and I felt strong! It felt amazing! Running releases endorphines like nothing else! By the time I hit the 12 minute runs, I realized that when he would say to stop running and walk for a couple of minutes to "catch your breath", I felt fabulous! Within 30 seconds or less, I was ready to go again!

I love the program because of the music, with the option to hear your own music if you have an iPhone or iPod touch. I don't have either of those, so I listened to their music and totally liked it. He also chimes in from time to time to update you on your progress, give you tips for breathing and was just really great!


Now I am looking forward to moving on to the "Bridge to 10K" program they have, throughout the Fall!

Anywho....if you ever wanted to see if running is something you would like and haven't known how to get going, I HIGHLY recommend using this! Click on the link above and they will tell you how to download the FREE podcast on iTunes! Then you just plug your iPod into the computer and drag and drop the week you are on into your iPod! Easy Peasy!


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