Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ry and I try to be good about getting some alone time every week. I think we are better parents when we realize that we are a couple first! We make each other ridiculously happy! And ridiculously happy people are better parents than miserable ones, right?! :)

What could I possibly love more than a date night? A surprise date night! I don't care if I am the surpriser or the surprisee....I'm not picky! And I DO SO LOVE to let a suprise unfold and watch my hubby enjoy it!

Ry and I both LOVE music! We love to listen to it and we love to sing/play guitar. So I knew this date would be a hit.

Have you heard about Cjane's Rooftop Concert Series in Provo, UT?

I have always wanted to go to one! Now I live in Utah and I can! Yay! Plus, they are FREE! Double Bonus!

Ry and I headed to Outback Steakhouse....cause the man needs some good steak from time to time. Afterwards we drove to a parking garage in downtown Provo. Ry was still clueless. We got out of the car just in time to hear Mindy Gledhill doing her sound check. Oh, you must click that link and check her song samples out! She was truly brilliant! I loved her!

Anywho....Ry was super excited! He was way glad that I had gone outside the "movie" box and that we were going to just chill and listen to music all night!

Plus, super bonus! I MET CJANE! And apparently I was excited cause I couldn't have smiled any harder! What the heck?! My eyeballs just totally disappeared! :) In all fairness we were laughing at Ryan because he had the camera set to video mode and recorded us posing! :)

Courtney is a BEAUTIFUL person! Outside and In. We talked about Dawson. She knew all about him. We both cried a bit. I gushed a bit, cause I am just so darn proud of her! I am so impressed by her drive and the way she sets her mind to doing things and gets them done! Plus, she is stinking hilarious! I love someone that makes me laugh!

Ryan Innes provided a bit of entertainment to get us started. He was pretty darn good. Then Mindy took the stage! I LOVED her!

There were SO many people there! Good thing we got there super early! We had pretty good seats! By the time everything really got going people were so crammed on that rooftop and down on every corner of the garage until they had CJane begging people not to fall over the railing! :) This picture doesn't even do it justice!

The headliner was Meaghan Smith! She apparently just won an award in Canada that is the equivalent of a Grammy for Best New Artist. Pretty sweet! She was fab and we loved that her hubby was her lead guitar guy.

Such a fun night! I am SURE we will be showing up at next months concert! In fact I can't wait!

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Sara said...

um JEALOUS! I was really thinking about going to that concert, it was my sis-in-law's birthday and we were out and I wanted to be brave and try something new, but I'm not brave. BUT you got to me CJANE. Oh, you're so lucky!!


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