Friday, May 6, 2011


We seem to have moved into a ward full of twins! Last week in sacrament meeting Jake and I had a bit of a moment. In walks a young couple. They sit down. The young father pulls a baby out of a carrier. Jake and I smile and laugh with each other over the cute squinchy little newborn boy face that appeared over his shoulder. Then we watched as this baby was handed to the mother. Two seconds later I look up and father is holding the baby AGAIN....but the mother is holding him too!


How fun is that?! I mean, these boys were EXACTLY the same!

Then it reminded me of the few times that we actually got to experience "twin" moments........

Mallory had been home for months! Dawson...home for the first time! This is totally not staged! I laid them next to each other and this is exactly what happened. They always seemed to end up twisting up their little arms and linking hands. LOVED IT!

Mallory had been through months of therapy to learn to soothe herself by sucking her own fist. Dawson had just come home and wasn't quite there yet. They laid next to each other on the couch. Dawson was crying. Mal sucking her fist. She looked at him confused. I think she wondered why he didn't such on his own fist. She sensed her help was needed and proved the theory of women having the ability and drive to nurture as part of their nature. She grabbed his arm, pulled him over, took her fist out of her mouth and popped it in his. He was quite pleased. She held on tight and kept him there for a while! Such a favorite moment!

SO the least flattering pic I could find of myself, but who cares! Look at those little mugs!! Hiking in Zions National Park. Ry had Dawson most of the time. At some point, I took him to balance things out. It was a blast to pack both babies through the rest of the hike!

Blessing Day! Special day and a day we had waited for for a LONG time!

This one makes me giggle! I was home alone and wanting to prove to myself that I could do complicated things, like bathing twin babies. We got this far and I was SO proud. Then the thought occurs to me...."How am I going to get chubby, wet, slippery babIES out of the tub?!

It took some trickery, but I got it done without any unattended little people left in the tub! :)

This is a favorite of many! This picture comes as part of a progression. Mal & D slept in the same crib. Most times that worked perfectly. Every once in a while we could not, for the life of us, get Mallory to leave Dawsons binki alone! She would spy it and we knew what would come next. Dawson would concentrate. Sucking harder, as if his suction could over power the grasp of Mallory's determined little fingers......

She would grab hold......suck. suck. suck. His attempts were failing.

Then she would win! Poor Little D. No worries! Within seconds, we were at his rescue. The binki would be replaced. Dawson was content and again Mallory's eyes would seek out the coveted binki!

Such fun memories! I loved having twins! They didn't stay at similar stages for long enough! If you have twins, treasure every moment! If you have more than twins.....bless your soul! :)


Tammra said...

Amy, I wish with all of my heart that you could have had a lifetime of these sweet twin experiences. I am so thankful that families are forever and you will have more precious moments with Dawson in the future. These pictures bring back such sweet memories. Thank you for posting them.

I love you,

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Thanks Mom! I also had quite a moment the other day at the Hope of America program. I was holding Brady's hand and he was holding Mallory's. They are so close in age. While the three of us walked down the street I had a moment of soaking in the "what might have been". While it would have been spectacular, I cannot complain! I have my little D forever and before long I will hold his little 4 year old hand and soak in every moment of his sweetness!! How great will that day be?!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

SO glad that you got to have those twin moments! What a blessing!


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