Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Trick For The Picky Eaters!

My Mallory is honestly one of the pickiest little people EVER!! I know there is some texture issues with it, but I will be honest, it makes me CRAZY!

There is nothing quite like making a nice dinner for your family, only to sit down to long faces, complaints and sometimes even tears! UGH! It makes me nuts! I knew I had to find something that would help the situation!

So, one day I decided to try having Mallory cook the meal. Maybe if she is the one that cooked it, she would be willing to at least try it.

Andy you know what?!


I have made this soup a bunch of times and she would never touch it. Even though it is filled with things she loves, like celery, carrots, etc. There was no way she would even think about letting that past her lips. However, as we cooked she sampled. She even wanted to sample a raw onion. I let her. I forewarned her that it would be spicy and not very great, but that after it cookes it is amazing. She tried and decided she didn't like it raw, which is OK! I honestly just care if she gives it a fair try.

Working together on this soup was a lot of fun for us! My great grandma ALWAYS cooked something with me. Those are some of my most fond memories of spending time with her. I loved it and would love to create the same memories with Mallory, ESPECIALLY if it serves as a double bonus by helping us get her to try new things!

This soups was gobbled by the spoonful! I was thrilled!

I can't wait to try more things with her so she can get a bit better at this whole picky thing.

Do you have any tricks? Heavens knows I could use all the help I can get! Please tell me what works for you!


Ann T. said...

Love your solution. Marian's Ryan is the same way. He says everything new is "YUCKY" and he won't even try it. He loves pasta, but if we use a different shape, he won't even try it. Maybe he will warm up to helping. I will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Brian and Kayla said...

I've always read that kids like fun presentations. I thought it was kind of lame and that it wouldn't make that much difference, but it has with David. If I give him a handful of cheerios he'll throw them on the floor...but if I scatter the cheerios in a muffin tin, he'll eat them. How weird! I've also heard that kabobs are great for kids...whether they are fruit or veggie or cheese and meat. They can help make the kabobs because it is just a matter of putting the food on the stick. Then the real key is dipping sauces. Some kids don't like dipping sauce but David is crazy about them. If I give him a pile of ketchup on the side of his meal, he'll dip anything in it and eat it. Dipping sauces go well with the kabobs too.


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