Monday, May 9, 2011


My Mom is amazing! She had her first child at 17 and her last at 43! That is a lot of years of Mothering! :) She has 7 children, and I am sure that if you asked she would tell you that her greatest accomplishment lies in her children! She taught us all to live our lives in faith and to look to our Father in Heaven in all things. She has taught us all about sacrifice and the blessings of living close to the spirit.

Just the other day I was telling my Jake about a few memories I have of my Mom. Just thinking about them made my love and respect for her increase.

My Mom was single with 3 small children when she was just 23(ish). She worked to provide, not only financially, but emotionally for us. I am glad that I can remember a lot of that time. I remember special late one on one night with her. We would have one night a week where we could stay up late and choose anything we wanted to do with her. I remember choosing to learn to tie my shoes for one of them. I remember her working during the day and night to provide for us. Some nights she cleaned dentists or doctor offices. She would take us, our sleeping bags, pillows and a few toys to the office. We would play for a while and then try to sleep while she cleaned. Sometimes we we would head home around 3 am. My Mom said she always stopped at Naugles for a Diet Coke on the way home! Hahaha!

When I think back to that time I think of how she must have felt. Struggling to provide for us the best she could. Not ideal circumstances, but she made the best of it and we thrived because of it. She was willing to sacrifice for us and she did everything she could to make us feel loved and special. She always went over the top with holidays and birthdays. She always wanted us to know how much she treasured us.

And we treasure her! Thanks so much for everything Mom! I love you so much!

This is my Mother in Law!

Lynne, is an inspiration to me for so many reasons. I have to say that I appreciate most the way that she raised her son, my hubby! He is good and honest, he is quick to help whereever needed and always fair and kind to others. These are all attributes he gets from his Mom!

Lynne has been an important piece of my life. I know I have shared how much I love her over and over on this blog, but I just couldn't be more grateful for her. She is a good woman and I love her dearly!

This last weekend we got to spend some time with our mothers and grandmothers. What a great weekend!
I have to say that I come from a more than good group of women! They are all inspirational to me! I am glad to come from such good and strong women! I hope to be like everyone of them!

What about you? How was your Mother's Day weekends? Wanna brag on your Mom for a minute? I would love to hear about the women in your life that inspire you, if you are feeling in the sharing type mood, that is. :)


Ann T. said...

Beautiful tribute to both of your moms. They are both wonderful women! Thanks for sharing.
My mom raised 8 children, and lost one. She never worked outside the home, but she worked hard there. I have always said that she could work circles around me. She always had a big garden and beautiful flowers. We were raised with the gospel as our center and we are all active in the church.
My mother-in-law had 7 sons. No daughters. She was also an inspiration to me and the last 2 years of her life, we had the privilege of having her in our home. She died peacefully at the age of 94, with us holding her hands.
My Mother's Day was wonderful, as my daughters took me for lunch and a pedicure. One daughter also trimmed my hair, and my son came with a special gift. AND my hubby gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers. What more could a mother ask on her special day?

Amy said...

LOVE THAT ANN! Thanks so much for sharing! Love ya!

Tammra said...

Thank you for this post Amy. Your words mean so much to me! Especially today.

My mom has set a great example of strength and patience in adversity for me. She has put up with so much in her life and yet she still keeps going with strong love and concern for all of us. She refuses to let the difficult things get her down. When I was a young mom I could have never been able to do the things I did without her help. She was also with me through unfortunate things like trips to the emergency room with my kids and recovery from childbirth, illness, accidents and heartache. She loves to make us laugh and to hold our babies. She also set a great example of personal prayer for me. I love her and I am so glad she is my mom. I am a better person because of her.


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