Wednesday, March 2, 2011

POTW HIGHLIGHTS: Moons with gaping mouths, Picky Eaters & Glamorous Gum Balls!

I'm still here! Do you miss me?! :) Busy, but good week!

Let's highlight last weeks Posts of the Week, shall we? Have I thanked you for humoring me by sharing your posts here? I mean, you guys are the best! Every week I get to learn from a couple of blogs I haven't ever read before! Are you finding new favorite blogs to read? I am loving this! This week has some really amazing posts. I will highlight 3 of them. Make sure you catch up with all the other links HERE, and don't forget to come back tomorrow to add your favorite posts, whether from your own blog or from other blogs you have read, from this week. And again....THANK YOU!

This post comes from Mylestones. I just have to say THANK YOU to whoever shared this post! This is a new blog to me. I am a new follower to it! Oh, the writing! She is really quite amazing! This post is beautiful! The concept behind it all, I am sure, is something we have all thought about from time to time. Oh, I loved this post! It is a must read! HERE is the link to it. ENJOY!

And boy did I need this one! This one comes from This post was really exciting to me! I loved the ideas! Now that I have Mallory I know how stresseful it can be to have a picky eater, who refuses to eat almost everything! It is frustrating for sure. Last week I started including Mallory in cooking with me to see if that would motivate her to try things. IT DID! It totally worked! Then when one of you posted this link to the POTW, I was thrilled! I love the idea of a cook book! This would totally be great for Mallory! I am all over it! I also love the taste testing idea. I wonder how she would respond. Hmmm...going to have to try it. Read the entire post HERE. Such great ideas!

This post is yet another jewel from I mean seriously...HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! The bracelets, the necklaces! I am TOTALLY making these! What a great gift idea! You MUST check this out HERE!


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