Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Judge Too Quickly

The other night Ryan and I were talking about some past events in our lives. Ryan is really one of the most forgiving and non-judgemental people I know. I remember making a comment like, "I don't know what made them choose to do the things they were doing." Ryan replied,

"We have to be really careful when we judge others because
we are only capable of judging based on our own life experiences.
They have experienced something entirely different and so they react differently.
We can't judge their choices, because we don't fully understand why they have made them the way they have."

I love that in a moment he can teach me such a great lesson. I love that his actions confirm that he totally believes this. I love that he inspires me to be more forgiving and less judgemental.


Lombardo Family said...

man alive that is a great quality. I'm afraid I'm so very guilty of this. My only redeeming quality is that I'm so very aware of it and struggle regularly to overcome this horrible habit.

Just Us said...

I love this so much. So true.

Gear Gang said...

Very Wise and So True


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