Friday, December 24, 2010

SURPRISE! (Shhhh, dont tell my Mom!)

YAY! Christmas Eve! I LOVE Christmas Eve!

Every year, my whole life, and since my Mom was little, our family has gone out to breakfast on Christmas Eve. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. All of us! It is an absolute favorite tradition of mine! My experince started with the funny face pancake at Village Inn. For years we went there. Then we tried a place called Coachmens for a couple of years. Then TGI Fridays. Now our absolute favorite is MiMi's in Sandy, UT. It is SO yummy! Their hot chocolate is something I look forward to all year! It is in a huge mug and there is a very coarse salt in it. OH MY! I can't wait!

After breakfast we hit the movie theatre for a matinee. Then it is on to Uncle Chads house for a Christmas Eve party. This year Uncle Chad is breaking tradition and spending Christmas in Hawaii with his family. So fun for them! We are going to be at my brother Clint's house. It will be so much fun, I am sure. I love that we spend the entire day together every year!

Want to know a secret?

We have had big BIG things going on in our lives over the last couple of weeks. I decided to keep these things a secret, until now!

What my Mom...well, my whole family doesn't know is that our lives are totally changing and we are moving back to Utah....well, I mean, moved back to Utah!

Can you believe we have actually moved back and I have still not told my family?! CRAZY! They are going to flip! I can't wait to surprise my Mom with it tonight! And since I know that she will be with me all day and no where near the internet, I decided I wanted to let you guys in on it! :)

I will give you the details later. The summary....Ryan's company was really slow. SUPER slow. This last year has been a really hard one. So, a week and a half ago he, and his partners, decided it was time to call it quits. It has all happened so fast. However, we have known for a LONG time that this change was going to come. We are not sure what we are doing next, but we do know that we are choosing to see this in a "whole world full of opportunities in front of us" sort of light. Not sure how long we will be in Utah. Maybe a year, maybe less, maybe more. Sometime I get a craving for the opportunity to buy a home and settle in a place, knowing it is where I will be for the rest of my life. However, that just doesn't seem to be what the Lord has in mind for our lives right now. That is alright, if we have learned anything it is that His plan is always way better than what we could ever hope for....even if the road gets a little bumpy from time to time. It's all part of it. It's all good.

So, that's my news and I plan to share more about it with you after Christmas. For now, Have a FABULOUS Christmas and enjoy the heck out of your families!

See you next week!



Alea said...

Wow! That is big news! Your mom is going to love that Christmas present for sure. Merry Christmas!

Ann T. said...

So excited for your Mom. Wish I could get the same one from my daughter.!!!

Tammra said...

love, Love, LOVE it!!! So happy!! :D

Baldwincrew-blog said...

Yeah! That is great news! Good luck with the unknown adventure. Hope 2011 is a good one for you and your family.


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