Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stuff Yourselves Silly

If you have been on a cruise or if you have talked to anyone that has been on one, you know that Dinner deserves it's very own post! :) I mean, everywhere you turn there is a buffet, pizza bar, ice cream bar, hamburger/hot dog bar, etc. Not to mention 4 restaurants open anytime with whatever you want, whenever you want it. All free (or at least already paid for with the price of your cruise).

Cruise ships are LOADED with different types of shows. Shows were anything from comedians, magicians, comedian/musicians to movies under the stars on the top deck by the pool. Shows came before or after and sometimes before and after dinner.

Our scheduled dinner time was 8pm. This meant for some seriously late nights. Dinner took 2 hours and when we were done we were always up for more fun!

After dinner fun usually meant any of the shows, watching Kevin lose all his money in the casino, watching Eric & Lacy win loads of money in the casino or even bustin some serious moves in the nightclub. I am talking the lawn mower, the sprinkler and many other made up moves. All of which helped in clearing the floor (and probably contributed to the cheering when we left it). SO MUCH FUN!

The last night of the cruise we were headed to dinner and we were all in a crazy good mood! Ryan's face froze like this for a couple of hours! :)

And he couldn't get past the fun of the long arm self portraits.

It was SO much fun!

Even his Mom got to share in the Ryan cheese! :)

Hahaha! "Cruise Ryan" is TOTALLY my favorite version!

The best part is that "cruise Ryan" is still kickin around here! Even weeks after we got off the boat!

Aunt Leslie & Peggy put up with our wackiness the entire week. They were so much fun!

The food is crazy good! They hand you a menu and then you can order a couple things or all of it. Clint, Ryan's older brother, broke the record when he ordered like 10 things! I am sure Kevin came pretty close to that too! Pretty funny! I'm not gonna lie....one night a few of us, including me, ordered 3 desserts! I mean seriously! Key Lime Pie, Creme Brulee & Love Boat brownies....how can you pick just one?!

The last night they bring out Baked Alaska. There is a parade involved, this dessert is so big. The best was snapping this picture and getting a moment of genuine excitement from Lacy! Hahaha! I Love that! :)

How can you NOT be excited?!

Calvy was ALL over this one!

And I was glad to catch Anca in her finest moment...drowning something in chocolate! She was really amazing! We loved her! You get to have the same waiter each night. She knew that Ryan has a hard time with dairy so she was having things specially made for Ryan. They also invented new desserts for him. He was totally spoiled!

I'm not sure if it was the sugar overload or the "can't beat em, join em", but these two were a RIOT the last night!

I am pretty sure this was the moment that they started mocking Ryan's happy face!

I don't know that he appreciated it! :)

This trip was SO much fun! We love being together as a family! I don't know how they did it, but Jeff & Lynne have raised all 7 of their kids to be very close to each other. Going on a cruise with 14 of your best friends, that just happen to be family, was a total blast!

We all get crazy goofy when we are together and we spend a whole lot of time laughing...and I love to laugh! This whole vacation gave us the best opportunity to step away from stress and just have fun together! I think that is why we loved the cruise so much. No phone. No computer. Just a whole lotta people walking around asking what they can get for you and a whole lotta relaxin!

Now, this is the end of the trip. There is a reason why I posted all of this here. I will share more of that with you tomorrow.

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