Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life Lessons {VIA} My Father-In-Law


This is my Father in Law (and cute little nephew). He is a GREAT man! He is wise and generous and loving! It is funny how over 13 years this man has made himself a very special place in my heart!

About 10 years ago he taught me such a great lesson.

We were hunting together as a family. My hubby, me and our baby Jake were riding in the truck with my Mother and Father in Law. My hubby told a story about a friend of his that was doing really well financially and had just made a terrific decision that increased his wealth even more.

Then I stupidly and selfishly said, "Well, the rich keep getting richer." (Ok, I want to gag even thinking I said it! How petty was I?!)

That was when my sweet Father in Law said, "Amy, if you can't be happy for others gain, you will never be able to recieve gain of your own."

He didn't do it forcefully or unkindly. In fact, it was said so lovingly and fatherly. I needed it. I will not forget it!

What a great lesson!

Being genuinely happy to watch others around you succeed, even when you might be desperately struggling, is certainly a worthy goal!

In fact, that very concept is what "The Secret" lacks. Yes, I believe visualizing good things is powerful.

But when you can visualize good things for others...even want them more for others than you do for yourself, as Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches, THEN the gates of prosperity open up to you. Because you will be trusted...Trusted to use your gain wisely and trusted to use it to help others!

How great is that?!

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Clinton and Michelle said...

Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing so much with others to help us all become better.


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