Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hindsight Is a Beautiful Thing!

On my Twins Birthday this year, as I was thinking about the last 5 years of my life, from their births, to the hospital stays, frequent trips on Life Flight, over 45 surgeries, losing our Dawson, continuing on in taking care of Mallory's needs and much more, this came to my mind. I felt inspired to write it down. I wanted to share it with you.....

Five years ago today I was afraid...scratch that, more like scared out of my mind! I was minutes away from embarking on the hardest most trying, seemingly impossible at times, most wonderful and amazing experience of my life, thus far.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing! Moving forward I only saw one piece at a time. Looking back I can see the entire painting.

It is beautiful! More than that, it is glorious. The painter...a careful hand. Knowing what to add to the painting at just the right time. Sometimes the strokes were soft and sometimes blotted heavily. All the while every single application was filled with a love beyond anything earthly comprehensible. It is Celestial. Complete. Consuming. It is able to soothe a heavy heart and wrap the painting in an all encompassing compassion. The feeling of a tender parent, hoping we will stay true and endure, because only He knows the finished product. He knows how vital each stroke is. No matter how difficult. So he proceeds gently. Until it is finished.

Yes, stepping back and looking at what He has created of this once so much less that perfect is beautiful! More strokes will, I am sure, be added from time to time. However, my new perspective on what is being created, tells me that in time, the painting, only because of His hand, will be complete. Without flaw. Perfect. If I will be be still and know that He is the Master, I am His creation, and through Him, only through Him, I will become His masterpiece.


Gear Gang said...

Beautifully put. I am grateful for your perspective. It helps me to think clearly when everything in life seems quite hazy.

Thanks Aim, Love you.

Shawnie said...

Love your poetic prose. I can hear music when I read it.

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder.


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