Thursday, October 28, 2010


My sister posted a video that reminded me of the first time I heard about "Team Hoyt". Dawson was close to a year old. I knew he had cerebral palsy and I felt overwhelmed by the job. I felt completely inadequate and feared I would fail him.

My friend Kate sent the video to me. The video she sent is included in the last 4 min of the clip below. However, I wanted to show you this clip because in the beginning it explains the story behind the video, and includes Dick & Rick Hoyts feelings on their lives.

I think I watched the video at least 10 times. Everytime my ugly face cry got uglier. It was not at all a sad cry. I had never been so completely inspired by an act of love, as I was by Dick Hoyt. Something, the spirit I am sure, reached right through to my soul and infused the message of "CAN" all over it.

I could and would, in my role as his mother, do everything possible to give my Little D the very best life.

This morning Jake and I watched this video together. I could see him wondering if we could have done more to keep Dawson here longer. So we talked about the missions of these valiant and noble spirits.

We talked about the amazing spirits that inhabit these bodies. When Dick Hoyt talks about knowing that Rick was smart because of the look in his eyes....yeah, we totally get that. We could see the same. Even with Dawson being blind. There was a light and understanding in his face and eyes.

Dawsons mission was a very spiritual one. In 4 1/2 years he would survive things that would leave doctors shaking their heads in wonder. He lived against all odds. He survived over and over things that would have snuffed the life out of even the strongest of us. He did it all to teach us that God Lives and His love is consuming. To help us to learn the power of prayer and faith. The infinite and loving power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and To show us all that miracles still happen.

His mission was successful. Our role was not to physical, it was spiritual. We were required to increase in faith. All of us, family, friends, anyone that knew him. And we did. And THAT is what gave Dawson the strength to finish his mission.

This video is so powerful and amazing! Oh I wish I could meet these two men and tell them the kind of hope they gave me! I would love to thank them in person! They are so inspiring!

Dick said that when he runs there is something that flows through him that he cannot explain that pushes him to go faster. I know of the amazing ability Dawson had to give us the extra strength when we needed it. It was a connection in our spirits. I loved that feeling!

Anyway, enjoy! Make sure you hang out for the last 4 minutes. Life Changing!


Niki said...

I have followed your blog for about a year now and I just wanted to let you know how much I look up to you! You are truly an inspiring woman and I thank you for being a light in my life... even if it is just through your blog!

Gear Gang said...

So glad to know you are alive!!!!
I have been worried sick. Call me as soon as you are feeling up to it.

Ann T. said...

This is a beautiful clip. I saw it last spring at a convention where Dick Hoyt was the keynote speaker. SUCH AN INSPIRATION. I cried like a baby at his love and devotion to Rick. The triathalon must have been such an awesome experience for both of them.
You, too are an inspiration. Every time I see the picture of the Savior holding the hand of that little child, I think of you and Dawson, and the sketch with Dawson as the child. It always brings me close to tears.
Hope you are feeling better, and continue to improve rapidly.

Just Us said...

So amazing. I did see this when it aired on t.v. What an amazing father. Every time I hear the song "I can only imagine" I think of them and then I am a boobing mess.


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