Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Alright my friends....this is a call to action! 

Many of you have reported your love for {INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN} Tuesdays, and I have to admit that I have LOVED paying tribute to some seriously inspiring women in MY life. However, I am needing some input from YOU! 

It is not that the list of Women that inspire me has run low, only that I want to hear more from YOU!

SO I am asking....and not above begging :) for your help. That is, if you would like to see this section continue. If you have submitted one in the past, do more! Send me 1...5....20... Whatever you want! 

Please send a picture, if you have one, and a few words about why this person inspires you, to yourlifeuncommon@gmail.com. Make sure you put "Inspirational Woman" in the subject line.

For now, you can click HERE to check the YLU Gallery of Inspirational Women!

In advance....THANKS a million, bazillion, quadramanillion....which is a lot! :)  

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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

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