Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No More Tonsil Hockey

I’m going into surgery today.

Totally freaked out about what the next two weeks will bring.

So, tomorrow expect a more drugged tonsil-less me!

Wish me luck!
(Mostly cause my friend Jenn could end up being my post-op nurse and I am FREAKED OUT that she may see something that will cause her to end our friendship. I have no idea what I am capable of under the influence of anesthesia…and a skimpy hospital gown. Oh my! I am going to puke with the anxiety of it all! Jenn, please tell me our friendship can withstand such atrocities!)

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M. Bagley said...

Hey I hope you are doing good recovering from your tonsilectomy. I had mine out this last May. I was suprised that it went so well. And I was starting to feel so much better then the 5th day hit! Wow! That by far was the worst day ever. I couldn't stop throwing up and couldn't keep anything down. But after that passed I healed relativly fast. Drink lost of fluids. I found soup felt really good. Word of advice though. If you like yogurt don't eat while you are recovering because when you are better and food actually starts to have a taste you will hate it! Wierd that it does that. Now even 3 months later all my scabs haven't compeletly healed yet. I guess it can take a while. Good luck I'm thinking of you having just done that as an adult too! :) I'm glad I did no more sickness and strep throat.


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