Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BK2HK: Day 7 "Touch A Heart Tuesday"

For the last day of Be Kind To Humankind Week our theme is "Touch A Heart".

Remember when we talked about what Corrie Ten Booms father teaching her about how Love is the most powerful force in the world?

Well, I absolutely believe that is true!

So today find a way to show love. That really is what kindess is all about. I have always told my kids that kind is being nice with love.

So, really dig deep. Express love to someone that really means a lot to you. Lift them by telling them how they are an inspiration or example in your life and why they are.

I would LOVE to hear from you guys! Did you participate this week? Did you find that you were thinking more about the needs of others? Thinking more kind thoughts? If you would like to tell us about your week, please do! Leave a comment! Send an email! I would love to hear them!

Have a great day!


mama of many said...

Love you blog!! Speaking of being kind, when are my Alturas buddies going to come for a kayak/Cafe Rio Adventure? HMMMM? Hope you are healing up well!!!

Lombardo Family said...

Well....you made my day today when you called. Now, onto kindness. The funny thing is, it's my kids that I must work on being kind too. Isn't that terrible? I love em to pieces and yet at times I'm the very worst to them than anyone else. Shameful! Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and motivations.


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