Tuesday, July 20, 2010


By: Amy Lindstrom

(Kayla with her son David)

Kayla is one of my heroes...she also happens to be one of my little sisters!

I have always admired Kayla! I think she is one of the most Christ-like people I know! She always has been! She just kind of came that way! :) There are 10 years between us. It has been so much fun to watch her become who she is now.

I tease her a lot about believing she could "metamorphasize" into animals when she was 12, going to a haunted house with Ryan and I and ruining the scary-ness of the whole thing for everyone in our group because she had us laughing so hard, being sort of an "air head" from time to time :) and lots of other fun stuff that make us all laugh. Aside from all of the fun little things that make everyone love Kayla so much, there are many more amazing things about her that make Kayla one of the most influential people in my life!

Kayla is kind, loving, selfless, amazingly talented, a sweet and nurturing Mom (which is easy to see evidence of by the constant smile on her boys' face! The kid has to fake cry when he needs something because sadness is just not something he has as part of his nature!). She is quick to serve, confident in who she is as a daughter of God and confident of who everyone else truly is, also. I don't think she can see one single bad thing in any person! If there is good to be found...it is the only thing she sees! I absolutely love that about her!

For years we all wondered who in the world would be lucky enough to marry her. Then we met Brian. It is an amazing thing to have someone you love so much find the absolute perfect person for them. Someone that can very clearly see the gift that she is to his life! He honors her. He makes her life completely happy! I love him for that (and for so much more...he is a GOOD MAN)!

Kay- thanks for being an example to me! It is an honor for Mallory to have Kayla as her middle name! I love that her name will always make her think of you! It will always remind her of the type of woman she should want to be!

I love you so very much!


Brian and Kayla said...

Awwwww. Thanks Amy! I feel so loved! This is such a great thing...it really does make me want to pay it forward and do this for someone else. Thank you for thinking of me. It means a lot.

Tammra said...

Thank you for this post Amy. Kayla truly is an inspirational woman. I continue to learn from her and be inspired by her. I love her so much! Everything you said is exactly right. We are so blessed to have her in our family.


Tammra said...

I also want to thank you for your previous post. It was so touching and so true. It made me think of when we were at Ty and Suzi's ward on Julia's blessing day. The hymns touched you and Ryan so deeply. I am so glad for the comfort they offer and the message they hold for you. Those particular songs will always bring me sweet memories of Dawson. The joy and peace he experienced while listening to his music was always such a blessing to witness.

I love you,


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