Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN} Tammra Salisbury...My Mom

By: Amy Lindstrom

(My youngest brother, Parker & my Mom)

33 years ago today, this woman was just 19 years old and gave birth to a 10lb 11oz "little" girl....ME!

I have thought about her a lot lately. On Sunday we had a lesson in church about parenting. One of the questions reminded me of a time in my life when I was quite lost. I had spent years making choices that were far from good. My Mom, I am sure, spent many years wondering how in the world to save me from my choices. Then she did the only thing she could do. Probably the hardest thing to do, really. She just loved me. It is what she had been doing all of our lives. Giving up so much of herself to do what she thought would be best for us. Her love changed my life!

My Mom has dedicated almost her entire life to being a mother. She had her first baby, my older brother, at 17. Me at 19. Then came Lisa, Tyrel, Kayla, Rachel then Parker! We laugh about Rachel being a suprise, 7 years after Kayla. Well, if she was a suprise, Parker was a shock! Parker is my sons Uncle....and he is almost 2 years younger than him! Yes, this means that I have an 8 year old brother. Our family certainly wasn't complete until he came!

And so, dreams have been put off for my Mom. She has spent the last 35 years going to Little League games, dance recitals (where she was sure to show up with a few balloons, a snickers for energy :) and a note to tell me I was the best dancer she has ever seen.), school parties, PTA meetings, etc. She has given more of herself than most women ever have to.

We have a tight family! She taught us to value one another and love each other!
She taught us about faith and relying on the Lord, something that now is so central to who each one of her children are.
She taught us a love for reading (she is a Librarian and has been for nearly 20 years!).
She taught us how to laugh. She would stay up some nights until 2 am playing card games with us and our friends.
She taught us to lighten up. She was known to stop at any moment in the middle of a grocery store isle and do a dance and sing "Dr. Who". I always joined in. Lisa ran. Mortified. As far as she could get! A favorite memory of mine! I always loved and still love laughing with my Mom! 
She taught us to be strong. My Mom has gone through a lot of heartache in her life. She is a strong women. She has always set an example or relying on the Lord for help in adversity!
She taught us love! Her encouragement and faith in our talents and abilities is always felt by each one of her children!

Now, because I know that this post would not be whole without a few more pictures...cause my Mom would want you to see her greatest accomplishment, so she can brag on us a little bit! :) Here you go!

The Boys...and Kayla.
(LtoR: The oldest, Clint. Kayla. Tyrel. Parker, down in front)

The Girlies....
(Lisa, Rachel, Kayla & Me)

(of course now we are without our Dawson and Kayla & Brian have added a little boy and Ty & Suzi a little girl! Quite a crew!)

(Family Vacation at our home in Hailey, ID 2009)

Today, for my bday, I wanted to celebrate YOU! Thank you so much for helping me become the woman I am today! :)


Gear Gang said...

Love this post!! it brought back a lot of memories. Thanks Aim, Happy Birthday!!!

I love you too, Mom!!!

Tammra said...

Amy, I have sat here and sat here and sat here with hopes of leaving a comment for this post. I can't find the words to tell you how much the things you have written mean to me. I wish I could take the post and just hold it up close to my heart like I would with a special letter. Thank you so much. A mother can go on for years, day in and day out, wondering if her children notice or understand things about her efforts. It is such a blessing to read something like this and know you were watching and it has meant something to you. Thank you for posting the pictures of all my children. I love my family. I honor each of you. You are my life!

Amy, you have weathered many storms and always come through them stronger and with a smile on your face. You have then used those experiences to help and uplift others. You are truly an amazing woman. If I have helped you become who you are today, I am truly grateful.

33 years ago today was one of the best days of my life! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so happy to have my first daughter. You were a delight and always have been...even during the hard times.

When I stop crying (happy tears) I will give you a call. Have the best day ever and I'm am looking so forward to when I can be with you again.

I love you,

Tuzi Salz said...

Amazing! And true down to every period.
Thanks Amy

Brian and Kayla said...

Love this post! Happy Birthday once again!

MyR said...

I love this post. I love your mom's comment. I kinda want to give your mom a big hug! I'm so glad she birthed you and helped you to become such an amazing friend and example! I sure love ya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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