Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Floor to Ceiling Clean: The Laundry Room

 How is it that the room where you do all the cleaning can get so darn dirty?!

We all have different sized laundry rooms. Some are as big as any bedroom, some a bit smaller and some simply a closet. Whatever the size, they require cleaning. So let’s get to it, shall we?!


Start with the Washer:

  1. Pull off removable panels and get ready to wield a toothbrush!
  2. Be sure to scrub then wipe down all the nooks and crannies.
  3. Pull it out from the wall and wash the wall behind and the floor underneath.
  4. Make sure all tubes and hoses are in their proper place before you push it back!

Now for the Dryer:

  1. Pull off removable panels and set your toothbrush to work again.
  2. Remove lint trap scrape all the lint off
  3. Now run the screen under HOT water. This will remove the film or build-up that can form. When the water runs through easily, your job is done. Dry completely before putting back.
  4. Pull it out from the wall and wash the wall behind and the floor underneath.
  5. Make sure dryer venting doesn’t get pinched as you are pushing the dryer back in place.

Walls & Baseboards:

You know what to do here!

Sinks, Shelves, etc:

Wipe them all down.


Make it a fun place to be. Get little bins, jars, or anything else that you love and put it all together. Add a flower pot to freshen it up. Let’s face it….laundry can cause a bit of grumbling! However, if you get yourself put on a laundry schedule LIKE THIS ONE and add a flower pot to a shelf or paint the room in a fun color, it can make a big difference!

Next week is the last week in this Floor to Ceiling Clean series! YAY! Are you so excited?! LOOK HERE if you would like to review any of the other rooms.

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