Friday, May 21, 2010


This last Christmas I decided to make each of my kids a quilt. Thanks to the genius ability of my dear Sister in Law JoJo, I was set up with the perfect fabric for the job.

Aren't they cute?!

They each got a pair of PJ pants to match their blanket. Jake's was made from the brown dotted material and Mal's from the yellow flower material. SO FUN!

Rag quilts are a super fun and SUPER easy to make! If you can sew a straight can make a rag quilt!

When picking out the material my Sister In Law would tell you to make life easier by picking a design "family" at the material store. A family is a group of fabric designs made to coordinate with each other. Pick about 5-6 fabrics that you love from one family and you are on your way!
I used dotted minky for the back. Minky is that super soft, kind of furry-ish material.

JoJo would also tell you to invest in a pair of spring loaded scissors. Rightfully so! Those things are well worth their weight in gold! And would remind you that if you are using Minky, pick up some washable spray fabric adhesive at your fabric store. That will save you A LOT of headache working with the slippery back side of minky!

I found a great tutorial that will give you detailed step by step instructions! (HERE)

If you make, made or end up making a rag quilt I TOTALLY want to see the fruits of your labor! Send pictures please! :)

Rag quilts, by the way, are a great gift idea for anyone! Find a great flannel or other material for the front and back and you can whip out a lap quilt in no time!


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Brian and Kayla said...

Those are great quilts Amy! I love the Minky!

Kate said...

Those are super-cute. I love the fabric on Jake's. But I've been really into trying to find "cute" boy fabric lately. Girls are so easy!


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