Thursday, May 6, 2010

INSPIRE CREATIVITY...."Anything You Can Imagine Is Real"

My Jake wants to be an artist. My Mally, with her developmental delays in the fine motor skills catergory, NEEDS to be inspired to create.

So, with an idea in my head for such a thing, I called our cousin JILL and asked for a saying or some vinyl that would wrap up just what I intended with this project.

She came up with the PERFECT saying! Oh, she is good!

How is that for inspirational?!

Now apply it to THIS.....

And you have a 4' x 8' canvas for all the art projects the kids can come up with! PERFECT!

Here is the step by step.....

  • Call your local Heating & A/C guy.

  • Ask for a sheet of galvanized or ungalvanized, if you would like, sheet metal. They usually come in 4'x8'.

  • Go get (4) boards and cut them using a miter saw. Super easy! Miter Saws are way cheap!

  • Cut boards so frame will cover the sheet metal, but not leave any sticking out. Just over 4' x 8' should work.

Using corner angle brackets, secure corners together.

Caulk the seams for a nice finish.

Paint the color of your choice, 2 coats should do.

Sand lgihtly with a low grit sand paper. Give a little extra sanding to the edges.

Brush on and wipe off dark brown stain.

Seal with a low-med gloss spray sealer, if you would like.

The sheet metal will be heavy.

I screwed the sheet metal directly to the wall.

Screw frame to the wall over the top of the sheet metal.

Apply vinyl, if you would like.


A perfect magnet board canvas to give the kids a place for their projects.

When they run out of space, have them choose some projects to take down. You can choose to keep a few or toss them. That is our deal. It is CRAZY to try to keep everything. However, this gives it adequate showcasing time without cluttering the front of the fridge!

If you would like any vinyl or any vinyl crafts, believe me, you won't find a more creative person than Jill! She is amazing! Email her at:

Want a couple of my FAVORITES she created for me?

"Princess: Daughter of a King"


"Family Home Evening" assignment board


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Soooo cute!! Now I just have to find a wall to do that on. :)

Gear Gang said...

Way cute. I am still waiting for the "The Mother Board" post. With summer coming up and my kids home all day, I so need to get that going. :)

Jenny said...

love it! I was just thinking I wanted to do something like this for all my kiddos art. so cute.

also I don't know if this is something you've heard of but when I saw it I thought of you:


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