Saturday, October 1, 2011

How About a Little OrGaNiZaTiOn?!

Ok, so it is no small secret, for those that know me well, that I LOVE TO ORGANIZE! Everything! My house, my schedule, my life, ANYTHING!

Here is the deal. If you are in a need organization! If you feel run down....hello organization! If you feel, do I need to say it again?!

Coming home to start a new life for our little family this last couple of months has required me scheduling my time. I have been really busy. However, I have found that it is not only important to schedule so that I get all of my tasks done, I need to schedule so that I make sure to set time aside for me. Creative Time, Time with Friends, Time to Read, Time to excercise...and so on and so on. Basically all the things that I used to put A LOT LOWER on the priority list! It is my goal to change that!

Another thing that I like to schedule is my cleaning time. I don't like to clean. There I said it! I don't like it! (Ok, I might sorta kinda like to put things away in their own little place and I totally dig straight carpet lines, but that's it!) HOWEVER, I do LOVE having a clean house! I can't focus on ANYTHING while there is a mess somewhere in my house. I am not obsessive, just lacking in the attention span department. The constant nagging in the back of my mind messes with me and makes things take MUCH longer than they should!

So, I have REALLY good news! I have found the SECRET to a clean house with MINIMAL effort on your part! Really! Give me 15 sometimes maybe 30 min per day and I will give you a CLEAN and thoroughly organized house! Are you excited yet?!

Over the next few days I am going to give you a short list of things to do for the day. All of it is part of getting yourself together and getting your schedule down. It is easy. And in small doses! Nothing will be stressful or hard, I promise! In fact...I would even dare use the word LIBERATING when explaining this process!

So, lets dig in...shall we?!

Today's task:

I want you to make a couple of lists!

  • Write a list of everything you would like to accomplish DAILY. For example excercise, read scriptures, family scriptures or prayer, read a book, get ready for the day, make dinner, check email/blogs, etc. If it takes more than 5 min or requires you to remember to do it. Write it down!
  • Write a list of WEEKLY items. For example on my list: Family Home Evening, Childs sports or activities, Church, Family History Library, Temple, Fun Friday, Make a Craft or Scrapbook, Date Night. Family Counsel & Goal check in Night.
  • Write a list of MONTHYLY items. On my list: 1st Tuesday is Enrichment, 2nd Tuesday is Girls Night Out, 2nd & 4th Saturday is Date Night Out with Ryan, 1st & 3rd Friday is Date Night with Kids alternating (First Fri. Me/Jake & Ry/Mally. Third Fri. Me/Mally & Ry/Jake), 1st Sunday is Kids Personal interview with Dad.
Now, if you want to make a Bi-Monthly it! Whatever works for you!

Now, take all of these goals and assign a day of the week to them, not times, just days. When does it fit best? Make your days balanced and realistic. Spread everything evenly.

When you finish that you are done with Step #1!

Easy right?! Tomorrow we will get into a cleaning schedule and I will introduce you to the easiest laundry schedule EVER! Oh yeah! Laundry done and folded by 8AM! THAT is what I am talking about! :) Not to mention the joys of a family wide mandatory "10 Minute Clean Up" that will save your life and the definition of "3 Wipes in less than 3 Minutes". Oh, that one is PRICELESS!

See you tomorrow then, RIGHT?!


Holly said...

I could surely benefit from a few lessons in organization! I'll be sure to make my daily, weekly, and monthly, lists.

Brian and Kayla said...

Hey Aim, when are you going to tell your blog-readers about your room growing up? haha. JK. This blog really is inspiring and I have found that organizing even a little apt. can be hard! And I ask myself, if I can't clean up this small apt. how will I ever keep my house clean in the future? Anyway, love ya.


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