Sunday, December 20, 2009

What is Your Life Uncommon?

Your Life Uncommon is just that. YOUR Life, as individual as it is. You, your experiences, your roles and stages. All of it.

However, it's not just simply living life. It is living life WELL. Being Content. Making the best out of whatever stage your life is and Loving it! Learning to be and then being truly happy with who you are. And then paying it forward!

YLU is meant to be a network of Women. All of us sharing ideas, creativity, things we couldn't live without, inspiration and pushing each other to be better. Encouraging each other. Making a difference.

Can you imagine the force that can come from a group of women that have real passion for life and their role in it?!

 This site is dedicated to striving to better ourselves, be happier and help others! It is about being better mothers, wives, friends, daughters, etc.

Some things to look forward to:

"12 Step Program Into Addiction"
To couponing and saving money, that is. For months I have been saving about 80-90% on my grocery bill. I have spent the last couple of months trying to put that into a super easy to follow program, while shaving loads of time off the entire process, so you can save money and fill your food storage and not spend every waking moment of your life thinking about it! :)

"Get Organized 101"
I love to organize! I love love love it. I love a schedule (somedays are easier to stick to it than others) and I love having a clean house with everything in its own place without feeling like all I do is clean clean clean. I love that my laundry doesn't rule my life because of a super simple laundry process, and I love that my kids are way involved in the whole thing and know how to help out! We will do a once over on the house in 101. Organizing room by room. FUN! Oh, I get chills just thinking about it! :)

"Get Playing Mom"
Alright, kind of a play on words. If you have kids, you have a LOT to do in a day! These posts will be all about fun activities, projects, ideas, etc. Just a load of fun stuff to do WITH your kids! We all know we feel so much happier, and our kids are so much happier, when we play or do projects with them! This will be so much fun!

"Get Creative"
Oh, how I LOVE a good project! Here is the deal. I never really felt I was creative. I always really wanted to be, but just had a hard time putting things together. One day I totally had a realization! I just needed to trust myself and experiment! I work on something until it "Sings to Me". You know, that "Oooo, look what I just made" feeling. I love that! I have so many projects to share with you....magnet boards, turning old into new, rag quilts, old windows, scrapbooks put to music...oh yeah, you just wait!

"Just Do It"
This is a phrase I have used with myself a lot lately. Finish this sentence, "Someday I want to...." Ok, guess what...Someday just popped up! Just Do It is all about letting go of excuses and taking on the things you want to do! Oh do I ever have a list! No worries...I will be breaking them down and going right through them here with you. Yep, piano lessons HERE I COME! That's just the beginning! :)

Saving the best for last! My sweet-as-ever hubby has put his knowledge to my good uses. In the next few weeks I look forward to launching the Your Life Uncommon Forum! Oooo! I am so excited! This is where the real networking comes in! Each post that is ever made on this blog will have it's own thread. Here you can leave comments, discuss, share ideas, whatever! Then there are the millions of other possibilites! Start a recipe trading thread, share pictures and how-to's on your favorite projects, set goals and get support, request posting topics, track progress on your "Just Do It"s. Can you see why this is so exciting?! Oh lawsy! I can't wait! No worries, I will be letting you know AS SOON AS this baby is up and going!

And Now....
The key to this blog is people. Lots of them! Share a link, take a "button" to put on your own blog, tweet and Facebook away! Share share share! Really! I need your help!

One last thing.....scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address in the box so you can get emails everytime there is a new post! Awesome! AND click on the "Follow" box! That way you are sure not to miss a thing! Pretty Please and Thank You!

I ALWAYS love feedback! Email me at anytime!

Thanks a Million!


jill said...

amazing amy! I think you will have great success with this!

I can't wait to see more!

Holly said...

I like what I see so far on this blog! I look forward to seeing more.


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