Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Yay RaKell!! Email your shipping address to me as soon as you can and I will have MyBlogSpark get your gift sent right out to you!

I am sorry I am a little delayed on posting. This week has been a busy one for our little family. All the fun of Christmas and parties galore combined with a not-doing-so-hot Dawson causes our focus to shift just a bit. However, I am happy to say that beginning tomorrow the "12 STEP PROGRAM INTO ADDICTION" will start! Each day will reveal a new step to all this couponing/money saving/storage building madness! Aren't you excited?! Oh, I SO am!

One thing I am really excited about is GUEST POSTS! I met the fabulous Clair, creator of MUMMY DEALS.ORG when I was lucky enough to be selected by General Mills to head to Minnesota and mingle with loads of amazing bloggers and become seriously impressed with their company. I was immediately drawn to Clair. She is a quick witted, no-nonsense type of a girl with a fabulous "Frugal Blog", a lot of know-how and one seriously charming accent. Yes, I could listen to her all day! :)

With grocery shopping at huge savings and coupon shopping comes food storage. So I guess it would be important for us to become experts in ways to store, right?! Well, this is where Clair comes in. One of her areas of expertise is FREEZING. This girl freezes darn near everything! Just the few things she taught me left me thirsting for more! You're going to LOVE her!

There are many more people in many different areas that I can't wait to introduce you to here! In fact, if you have a little somethin' somethin' you are aching to share email me. If you know someone that you think would have something to share that we could all benefit from EMAIL ME! Really, DO IT! :) I want to continually add and provide ways to inspire, motivate and educate us all! If only left to draw from my stores of knowledge, I am afraid we would be out of options next week! :)

It has been so much fun watching the traffic on this new little blog! Cities from all over the country and from a few other countries have come to visit! Thanks so much to all of you that are spreading the word! Keep it up! The forum will be up soon, and the more of us, the merrier!

Alright, go get some rest! You will need it! Tomorrow starts a new adventure for us!

Until then......

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