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We've Got Personality.....



So, you have heard about PERSONALITY TYPES…right?! There are squares, circles, yellow & red, owls, monkeys and all other ways to give a name to our own personal insanity. Well a few weeks ago a friend of mine taught us a bit about the importance of knowing your personality type and recognizing it in others. I’m not going to lie….it was SO MUCH FUN! That whole night we were laughing and teasing each other about which animal we fell in line with. It was fun….and so very informative.

There is no such thing as a “BAD” personality type. Meaning, if you are a Lamb, Owl, Tiger or Bull (which are the animals we used in the tests we were taking)…it doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else. I loved that my friend that taught the class emphasized that over and over. Then the best part is she talked about balance. Developing the positive characteristics of each of the personality types in ourselves. Then we are able to better ourselves and better relate to others.

I love my hubby…that really isn’t a secret to anyone. I mean….the guy is stinking amazing! :) We are different. Sometimes aggravatingly so. I am a Tiger (think Tigger) with Owl (which you will know more about in a minute). Being heavy on the Tiger means I like to just jump into things. I am all about the fun side of things. Thank goodness for the Owl, which helps me stay a bit more organized and level headed! My hubby is an Owl with Lamb. He has to analyze EVERYTHING. Before he jumps he has made sure without a single bit of doubt that it is the best choice. He is thorough. Painfully thorough.

 I get a bit impatient with it at times. I let him know by teasing him about bringing everything but the kitchen-sink (surely if he thought we would need that also, he would find the best way to bring it along). He tells me that it is always best to be prepared and then…when we are on a perfect summer day hike, me in shorts, Ryan in pants with a bulging backpack (I mean its just a couple hours!) and a freak rainstorm hits, he casually pulls ponchos from his back pack. I shake my head, simultaniously grateful and annoyed by his "rightness" in being TOTALLY prepared! I snack on my mockery for a while. Apologize. Then tell him I would be a mess without him. To which he replies, “I know”. Hahaha!

On the flip side, I am sure that if he didn’t have me and my un-ending supply of optimism he would surely turn into a black cloud and would be lost without hope! :) At least that is how we optimists would view those that suffer from pessimistic thinking…a.k.a. constant self-reassurance of the impending doom. :)

It has given me more patience knowing it is just the way he does things because he is him. I am certain he has scratched his head at my actions a time or two….or more…maybe, but it’s just me. It’s how I roll, as we say! :) We balance each other out!

So, I am going to do one of the personality tests with you. I will list a whole bunch of characteristics. On a separate piece of paper write a number from four to one for each characteristic. Let’s start there! (Test and theories by Charles Clarke Consulting.)

4= is most like you                                 3=is moderately like you           
2=is moderately not like you                 1=is least like you

This is how YOU see yourself…not how others see you! It would be fun to have a spouse or friend take the test about you and see where they think you fall! But let’s start on you doing the test on you!


___ Mathmatical         ___ Analytical            ___ Prefer Security to Prestige      
___ Methodical           ___ Judgemental        ___ Does not like over excitement             
___Detailed                 ___ Realist                ___ Checking balance down to penny      
___ System Oriented   ___Non-Risk Taker  ___Always on Time
___ Slow Paced          ___ Perfectionist        ___ Clothes hung up every night
___ Exacting               ___ Conscientious      ___ Major decisions are thought over
___ Enjoy being alone ___ Neat-Neat (Everything always in its place)

TOTAL _______ (add up all the numbers you entered in the above section)


___ Amiable                    ___ Passive                    ___ On time for fear of others opinions
___ Unhurried                 ___ Sensitive                  ___ Indecisive
___ Kind                         ___ Cooperative             ___ Avoids Conflict
___ Warm                       ___ Patient                     ___ Slow to make decisions
___ Mild                          ___ Steady                     ___ Frequently changes mind
___ Dependable              ___ Non-Judgemental    ___ Likes other peoples' opinion
___ Security more important than prestige



___ Hard Driving       ___ Commanding         ___ Bottom line is important
___ Fearless              ___ Cynical                  ___ Likes people to get to the point
___ Brazen                ___ Courageous           ___ Prestige & Status more important than security
___ Authoritative       ___ Bold                      ___ Fast decision maker
___ Competitive        ___ Decisive                ___ Prefers others to picu up for them
___ Venturesome      ___ Organizer              ___ Loves a challenge         
___ Risk Taker         ___ Organized Messy Person (Looks like a mess but they know where everything is)



___Expressive          ___ Overflowing          ___ Very socially oriented
___ Talkative            ___ Promoter              ___ High risk taker
___ Dreamer            ___ Hospitable             ___ Social relationships very important
___ Trusting             ___ Eager                     ___ Recognition very important
___ Fun Loving        ___ Optimistic              ___ Throws clothes when taken off
___ Enthusiastic       ___ Often Late             ___ Not into detail (prefers others to do it for them)
___ Often late          ___ Messy-Messy

TOTAL ______

Now…add up the total points for each section. Write an O by the first section total. Write an L by the second section total. B by the third and T by the fourth.

Which section got the highest number? That is your primary personality type.

Which section got the 2nd highest? This is your secondary.

O= Owl L=Lamb B=Bull T=Tiger

I am way heavy on Tiger with Owl. Bull is only 2 points behind my Owl score and my Lamb score is 12 points below that.

So, now what are we going to do with this information? Well, tomorrow I am going to give you the information to help you understand what this means, what to expect from others, how to recognize others personality types so you can communicate more effectively, develop more patience and hopefully strengthen relationships!

Until then, test away! Have your family and friends take the test. When we piece it all together tomorrow you won’t be able to stop yourself from “profiling” (in a good way, please) everyone you meet! It’s pretty fun!

(This is only one part of the testing. There are other tests you can do to be more thorough. Charles Clarke is the inventor of the theories behind each of the personality types and the tests. He is a consultant that speaks to groups about recognizing personality types in order to build relationships and be more successful. For more information see his website HERE.)

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