Tuesday, April 20, 2010


aka Jared Lindstrom

Jared is likely, outside of my husband, the only male that reads this blog. That being said,  if there are any other guys reading this we would LOVE to hear from you in the comments...that is, if you dare be associated with the same post as Jared dressed as a woman...a very man handed, hairy legged "woman".  Thank goodness for Halloween....otherwise, we would have missed out on seeing all this...uh hem....beauty!

Jared...uh hem...LaShawn, is one of my VERY favorite people! There is NEVER a dull moment around him!

It was funny when he came home from serving an LDS mission in Brazil to find that his most handsome, most funny, most amazing :) brother Ryan was engaged to me. The same girl he knew all throughout Jr. High and High School. Oh, if only we had been friends then! I am sad to say that I didn't know him well enough to know that SURELY he would have been among one of my very best friends!

I am glad to include Jared in this section of the blog. I know, I know, he isn't a woman. However, he is one of the greatest men I know.

He is a loving and kind husband to my sweet sister in law, Jana.
He is a fun and selfless dad to his 3, soon to be 4 kids.
He is a thoughtful and kind brother and friend.
He works very hard to provide for his family.
He never misses a moment to make everyone around him laugh with his quick wit and super fun personality.
He is strong in his faith and sets an example, in the way he lives his life, of living true to his values.
He is a good and inspirational Man and a not so attractive woman! :) Ha! 

Love ya Jared!  


Missy said...

it seems to me, that I might just have a picture of another oh so fabulous Lindstrom dressed a lot like that!! I will have to dig and find it!! Haha! Jared is an awesome guy and this post made my day. Every good woman needs a great man beside her. Oh and LeShawn, Rik says he wants his hair dye back! ;-)

Rideout Family said...

So funny! Is he the one you have video footage of playing Rock Band?

Amy Lindstrom ~ YourLifeUncommon.com said...


Yes! He is the one singing Livin On A Prayer on American Idol. At the end he asked if it is bad if he can taste blood in his throat! Yeah, it was pretty amazing! :)

Amber said...

Oh Jared is awesome! This does not surprise me at all, he's so funny! I miss Jared and Jana all the time!


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